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Our Philosophy

Children are nurtured at Kedron Heights Community Kindergarten to develop skills and dispositions for life-long learning.

Our Values

Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Our Vision

We are committed to celebrating childhood every day.

We are advocates for:

  • Promoting a community where the children feel they belong

  • Providing time for children to just be

  • Guiding children on the journey they take to help them form the type of person they will become

Our Image of Child

All children are uniquely capable, competent and social

We respect the knowledge, experiences, culture and language each child brings. We provide opportunities for and support each individual child’s special rights.


Children’s Voices

Educators honour and respect all children’s voices, ideas and theories

Educators acknowledge, value and encourage children to express their ideas, recognising that children are unique individuals who learn and represent their thinking in different ways.


Our Learning Environment

Children thrive in environments that are suited to their interest and developmental stages.

The environment is welcoming, authentic, aesthetically pleasing and culturally representative of the community and embraces a culture of nature play. Daily rhythms allow children long uninterrupted periods of time to explore the indoor and outdoor environment.


We offer considered intentional and purposeful play-based learning

Play gives children the freedom to explore, practise and master skills, dispositions and knowledge, giving them a strong foundation in a changing world.  A balanced and intentional curriculum is planned which incorporates uninterrupted time for child-directed play, where educators scaffold children’s learning.

Families and Communities

Families are unique and add to a rich diversity of culture, beliefs and knowledge within our kindergarten

We work collaboratively with families and community members by learning together, connecting with and actively using community spaces to support children’s sense of belonging and learning.

We respect parents/caregivers as the first and foremost educators in their child’s life. Parents are part of the collaborative process to ensure the continued relevance of our kindy within the community.

Sustainability and Connections to the Environment

We believe it is important to engage children in sustainable practices and encourage respect for our environment.

Educators model and discuss the importance of being water-wise.  We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle materials, equipment and resources where we can. We include natural resources to allow children the freedom to explore and natural environments such as the vegetable garden to nurture and develop.

Emotional and Social Well-being

Children’s emotional wellbeing develops within sensitive, nurturing and responsive relationships.

We provide opportunities where children feel respected and valued. We encourage children to connect and build relationships with their peers in an environment that fosters collaboration, negotiation, communication, teamwork, sharing and taking turns.


Educational Program and Practice

Our programs are child-centred, stimulating and enhance each child’s learning and development.

Our curriculum is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework(EYLF), the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines(QKLG) and the National Quality Standards and developed through a collaborative process.


Our educators care for the social, emotional, physical and educational needs of all children in our care.

Our educators are guided professionally be Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics.  We take time to reflect on our practice and are committed to continuous professional development.


Kedron Heights Community Kindergarten – where children thrive through connections to educators, peers and their learning space.

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