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About Kedron Heights Community Kindergarten

Kedron Heights Community Kindergarten (KHCK) is a place of belonging and interconnectedness for our community of children, families and staff. Community kindergartens are a unique environment for children to experience a play-based education that helps them grow and flourish into independent learners ready for the big step to school.

We operate as a not-for-profit organisation offering a single unit for 22 children/group, with both groups aligning with the state school terms, including school holidays.


Our Groups Are

Group A – Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays: 8.40 - 2.50pm

Group B – Thursday and Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Our university qualified early childhood educators work within the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. The focus on indoor/outdoor learning experiences is supported by an abundance of high-quality resources and a new, designer natural playground. Numeracy & literacy experiences are embedded naturally throughout the program and routines


Consistency offered by the same teachers and students every day, enable your child to develop healthy rapport and attachment with educators and peers. The routines and processes are intentionally designed to enhance your child’s sense of belonging and to encourage their increasing independence.

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