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Recapping on enrolment enquiries, fees and committee nomination forms for 2023

Enrolment Procedure

Our enrolment offers are made in waitlist order and you can waitlist your child and siblings from birth. 

Enrolment offers and enrolment confirmation fee

When our kindergarten offers are made, a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $300 is payable to secure a place at our Centre.  More information about the Enrolment Fee is included within our enrolment documentation.  Please note that included within this $300 non-refundable Enrolment Fee is a $150 Security Deposit.  At the completion of your child's Kindy year with us, you may be eligible for a refund of that security deposit component providing required maintenance rosters/jobs in lieu have been completed.


Our Standard Term Fees for 2023


Kindy funding provided by the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme for 2023 has enabled us to reduce the out-of-pocket Kindy costs to families. 


The term fees family will pay, depend on:

  • Whether the child is QKFS eligible (ie turns 4 by 30 June in year of attendance and nominates our Kindy to receive the QKFS rebate on your child’s behalf (see Note A)

  • Whether the family is eligible for Family Tax Benefit A or B

  • Whether the family is eligible for additional Kindy Plus funding

The impact of these subsidies is best summarized by the following 3 scenarios that will apply depending on your family circumstances:

Base Term Fee for all children who are QKFS eligible

If your child has turned 4 by 30 June in their Kindy year with us AND you nominate our Kindy to receive the QKFS funding on your behalf (see Note A), your out-of- pocket Kindy Term Fee will be $725/term.

Base Term Fee (with FTB A or B eligibility)

If your child has turned 4 by 30 June in their Kindy year with us AND you nominate our Kindy to receive the QKFS funding on your behalf AND your family is eligible to Family Tax Benefit A or B, your out-of-pocket Kindy Term Fee will be no more than $214/term.

Base Term Fee (with concession eligibility)

If your child has turned 4 by 30 June in their Kindy year with us AND you nominate our Kindy to receive the QKFS funding on your behalf AND you hold a valid concession card that lists your Kindy child's name or you hold another concession eligibility, you will have $0 out-of pocket Kindy Term Fees to pay.  Please contact us if you have any queries in relation to concession eligibility.

Note A:  Nominating our Kindy to receive the QKFS subsidy on your behalf

The QLD Government will only provide QKFS funding for age eligible children to attend 1 Kindergarten Program per annum. 

  • Kindergarten Programs are funded completely differently from Day Care/Child Care programs. 

  • Whilst an age eligible child can attend a daycare/child care centre and be charged as daycare/child care enrolment, that daycare/ child care centre cannot process that enrolment as a “kindergarten program enrolment”. 

  • If you were considering your age eligible child will attend more than 1 Kindergarten Program (regardless of whether it is operated by a Kindergarten or Day/Child care provider), please contact us for more information.


Our term fees outlined above assume that you will be nominating our Kindy to receive the QKFS funding on your behalf and that your child is "age eligible" (i.e. will have turned 4y by 30 June in the year they attend Kindy).  If this is not the case, the Kindy is unable access significant QKFS funding and as a result, greater term fees would be payable.


Our term fees include:

  • Visiting educational incursions

  • An offsite Kindergarten excursion (entrance and transport costs for children included)

  • Children's journals and educational resources

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent


Term fees are issued at the commencement of each term and are payable within 28 days.   Please also refer to our "Statement of Fees" for an outline of term fees on a per-day basis.


As we are a not-for-profit Community Kindergarten, our Term fees are reviewed annually in line with increases in operational costs.  

2023 Parent Handbook

Our parent handbook is a comprehensive resource that should answer almost every question you have about kindy and our educational program.  We make this available to families via Kindy Portal.

However, feel free at any time to ask us any questions you have.

Management Committee

Kedron Heights Community Kindergarten is a community-run centre.  The word “community” implies that parent involvement is an integral part of the running of our Kindy.  As a Lady Gowrie Affiliated Kindergarten, the parents who hold a committee position and in association with the staff, manage the Centre.


Each parent/guardian of a child attending our Centre becomes a member of the Kedron Heights Community Kindergarten Association Incorporated.  Each year at the Annual General Meeting, the Management Committee from the prior year resign their roles and the new members of the Association (parents and carers of the current year families) elect the new Management Committee.  The Management Committee is formed from both parents and guardians of children currently attending the Centre, and any member is eligible to nominate for a position.  

We have General and Executive Committee roles and to be able to operate as a Kindergarten Service we must fill our 4 Executive Committee roles (refer to the adjacent nomination form).  Without parents operating in these roles, we are unable to meet the responsibilities of the Kindergarten Constitution.  Please carefully consider if you would be able to take on one of these vital roles in your Kindy year with us. 


Executive Committee members cannot commence in their roles until they hold a valid BCB Blue Card and these applications are made online by the committee member. There is no cost to obtaining a Blue Card for volunteer Committee roles at Kindy and we are happy to help you navigate the application process. 

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