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Our Curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework (E.Y.L.F) and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (Q.K.L.G) form the basis of our curriculum. These frameworks help teachers to develop quality learning programs for children in the kindergarten year (the year prior to Prep).

How will my child learn at kindergarten?

Your child will learn through:
  • indoor and outdoor play, based on their interests and ideas

  • real-life experiences, such as cooking, gardening and investigating the world

  • everyday routines and transitions, such as meal times, rest times and group times

What will your child learn at kindergarten?

Your child will build their:
  • sense of identity, e.g. learning about themselves, feeling secure with others, building confidence, independence and perseverance

  • sense of connectedness, e.g. learning ways to relate to others, be responsible and respect diverse people and the environment

  • wellbeing, e.g. learning to understand feelings, manage challenges, stay healthy and safe and develop movement skills

  • active learning, e.g. developing a desire to learn, ways to learn and ways to get organised for and be involved in learning

  • The ability to communicate, e.g. develop listening skills, language skills, and confidence and interest in early literacy and numeracy skills. (Qld Curriculum & Assessment Authority)

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